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TEACHING: Progressive and personalized, developed on three Levels. || Visualization, Design and Practice according to the Oriental Plastic Principles (traditional Japanese and Chinese)



Pictorial Image
The Contemplative Image
Lines and complementary planes. Content and Continent.
Study of the basic strokes. “ The Four Knights”.
Structure among the strokes. The harmony of the complements.
Set structures of planes over a line and over a dot.Making a flower (simple and complex).
The Ten Basic Points. Textures.
The Color’s Theory and its application. Technique of the two complementary brushes.
Shape and Background. Sfumato, Transparencies, the Atmosphere. Composing a landscape.
Design and Painting techniques of birds and other animals. Images in action.
The Visual Field. Rhythm and Organic equilibrium.
The Oriental Space. Introduction of the Unit in a work.
Notions of Artistic Anatomy. Faces and Shapes.
Folkloric Painting
Energetic Integration. (Ki)
Didactic analysis and synthesis of a work

Module synthesis of the syllabus that will be seen during the course. Applications over different surfaces (rice paper, silo, wood, etc.). Studying different Sumi-e painting techniques, Nihonga, Kanga, Suibokuga, Saibokuga, Roosomi, Kung Pi, Shie I, Po Mo Hua among others. Periodic evaluations, teaching with didactic illustrations of exclusive designs ©, Certificate of graduation. Attendance at exposition in the Style-School Yamada Ryuu. Baptism with name and artistic seal. Introductory and specializing seminars. Teacher training. Cultural Scholarships.


Design and Oriental Watercolor (Japanese and Chinese)

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