Argentinean. He studied Japanese and Chinese and occidental painting techniques; he furthered his studies abroad.

He developed his own style called
Contemplative Painting that mixes Orient allusion with Occident plasticity. Based on the oriental esthetics principles of Unity and Complementation in such a way that the work's design and realization suits with the Organic Harmony of Nature.
Currently, with the cooperation of his disciples, spurs
the first Ryû-Style School of Oriental Plastic Principles © in Argentina

His works are part of the Imperial Prince of Japan collection at the Presidency of the Argentinean Nation, at the Embassy of Korea in Argentina and in private collection within the country, and also in Taiwan, Italy and Peru, among others.
In 1997 he received the title of “Certified Teacher” given by the International Porcelain Artist & Teachers. Chosen to teach Sumie and Oriental Watercolor at the 28th and 29th Convention of the Society of Decorative Painters in Nashville, TN and Reno.

appeared in television programs and was professor at the National Museum of Oriental Art.

several prizes on Drawing and Painting using the Watercolor Technique, he also achieved the Silver Ribbon given by the International Porcelain Artist & Teachers in Dallas (USA) thanks to his painting over porcelain. He was also given an Honorable Mention at the First Integral Exposition in Argentina on his painting over silk and in addition he received a Special Mention at the 6th National Meeting of Painters over Wood.
He was invited to give lectures in South Africa (Johannesburg), United States (Albuquerque, Dallas and Virginia), Brazil (Curitiba, Canela), Venezuela (Valencia), Paraguay (Asunción), Uruguay (Montevideo) and Mexico (Puebla, Distrito Federal and Xalapa), where he was awarded with the title of “Distinguished guest by the Honorable Constitutional City Hall of Veracruz”. And at the First Argentinean Convention of Decorative Painting in Argentina.